• Part " The Lioness"
  • Part 1
  • 2019

(null)Keep directing me, I’ll be a cloud in the skies. A beautiful star that never dies. You say that I’m hidden in the drawer of innocence, wrapped in a scar of wonder

Why do I keep fallin under? I discover a further connection to the land, but only in order to follow your command. 

I don’t want to feel this pressure anymore, I want to be free, I want to be known as the strong lion I am. 

The truth in the poems will live through me forever, like an illusion of time that follows you wherever. 

And it’s such a cliche, I just want to escape with the formula, the pithy the language the better the aura. Like cinderella with her lost shoe, her dress that was ocean blue, I breathe in and out the things that’s not even true. 

It’s not the right way how you’ve treat me, it’s not the right way how you’ve been taking out all my energy. But hey watch my wings unfold, taste my words on the fallen leaf. And leave the gravity, leave and know that I don’t even seek or care in anything of the things you search for in a mortal fantasy. 

Can you hear me roar in galaxy, can you hear my footsteps when I go search for my happiness? 

and no, don’t tell me what I already know, that it’s gonna be a tragedy on the road, and I will be wrapped up in my sorrow. Im still going to take back what’s mine, and you can sit by my side or watch me finish my storyline. 

Im turning this page to chapter two, it’s gonna be great with a taste of something new. See the gorgeous view? The more you climb to reach normality, the less you will see the truth about reality. And its gonna end up with me and you againts the society. 

Tell me that you are ready and I will explain more, but first ask yourself why you’re here in my diary for.