Runaway baby

Do you know how powerful a spiritual life can be? Your spiritual being is a free soul in this universe, and together uni becomes a verse. Which means that everything that lives as; trees, flowers and the sky are moving with music, which is education and a language of different worlds that we can’t  see but feel. Which is called love, which is blind and always kind. Which is the reason why the clouds secretly move  slower and closer so that we have  more love to find and combineLike the tea cup with honey in the mornings,  or the hot bath you took with the sound of them  candles burning. The process you had before  something new you were learning. 

No matter how many decades its gonna take us to walk as free tribes, and no matter how much we wish to be ourselves and live our lives. This is the truth about what this text describes - that no matter when, how or where we end up at, we should be ourselfs always in all ways, love, be loved, and be love. 

Do you also know that butterflies can taste with their feet? One love.