Shape of you

I won’t leave this earth and let down what I have built this far. 
It’s not only stuck in my mind but also in my heart. My emotions get so high with this thoughts, it’s time to retrograde the stars but it to damn hard and I don’t wanna end up again with scars. 

It’s true that I disliked the spirits , cause their values had no limits. 
I’m not blaming or even care because me myself wanted the truth. Its the life, but they took the risk to jump on on my lifetime.  Acceptance and the power to be a better example, didn’t took me seriously so I decided I wanted to stumble back on the previously.  

When the weather is being nice and sweet and sunny, when the world is being more than just money.  If the love we have to each other grows and stays a little longer, to search, feel, wriggle our heads to see the beauty of wonder. We will be more than just stronger. 
And I will still wander.

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